Tips To Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Writen by Lydia Quinn

Unfortunately there are no magic formulas for restaurants on how to increase sales and guest satisfaction. Luckily, there are a great many tips you can use to build your own magic formula.

The first tip is to Be Consistent in everything you do. If you are able to provide the same experience to a guest each time they dine with you, they will almost always think about you first. This is very powerful as your customers are never playing 'Restaurant Roulette'. Sometimes the restaurant is good and sometimes it's bad.

Number two is Always Have Fun. If you have a fun, guest-focused restaurant you will be beating the employees and guests away with a stick. Create imaginative incentive programs for your team. Pair up the kitchen and the waiters in teams and give out prizes.

The third tip is an easy one. Use Your Corporate Representatives, that's what job is. Have wine seminars provided by the winery. Have a food representative take the team to a processing plant or farm. Get tickets and prizes or anything you think your team members would like. You buy products from specific companies and most of them want to support you in selling more of their product.

The last tip is quite possibly the most important. Be a leader by first being a servant. Help your team out. Serve and clear tables, wash dishes, cook food or anything else that needs to be done to ensure a successful shift. There will come a day when you don't need to do these things, but every time you do your team members will appreciate and respect you more because you respect and appreciate them enough to be able to help them succeed.

Most of these 'tips' are actually common-sense and can be implemented quickly and easily. Try one tip on one day and another tip the next day. Some tips may work and some may not. Each restaurant is its own unique entity and will need to try different things, but if you keep trying to improve your business, you will.

Lydia Quinn writes for R&I Solutions, developer of Cost Genie, a leading restaurant costing software package. Visit for a free demo.


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