Aircraft Washing And Regulatory Issues

Writen by Lance Winslow

Perhaps you are a pilot or just love aircraft and you want to start a business washing, cleaning and detailing general aviation aircraft such as single engine, cabin class twins and private or corporate jet aircraft? There will be things that will be required of you by the local airport in order to get an activity permit, as well as some regulatory issues.

Should you build your own aircraft washing unit? Well, if you build your own unit, you will need a way to remove the water from the ramp, as most Airports have NPDES Permits of what storm water is allowed to leave. Even though it is full of Jet A and de-ice fluid run off, they seem to go over board to regulate aircraft washing? Silly I know? But realize the EPA is a little insane anyway? I am sure they will tell us we cannot breath the air, because it is regulated by the FAA and the EPA says it has contamination from the Chinese Dust Storms or an Indonesia Volcano?

Between the EPA and the FAA you have to at least understand what you will be dealing with. One person told me that he read on the FAA website that the FAA now regulates aircraft washing, well this is simply not so, and if the FAA website states this, well then the FAA site is in error, basic washing requires no licensing. I am sure someday those blithering idiots might attempt to control more that which they do not understand. Such as Private Space Flight? Consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow


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