Writen by Wesley Ford

Look for people who exhibit leadership qualities on their own – without specific training. Have you noticed someone who knows how to apply his strengths and work on overcoming his weaknesses?

Is there a person whose skills and character haven't been utilized to help the company grow and succeed? If there's someone in your organization who consistently lends support to everyone else, you may be overlooking a highly qualified leader.

You might need to interview your staff to find out what their inner thoughts are on how the company is performing. They have to have your trust to be able to confide in you.

Hold a meeting and see who pipes up with inventive ideas or strategies to help you beat the competition or improve the processes and procedures for better efficiency. You may have to actively seek out the leaders in your company's existing roster – or go outside of the organization to hire new leadership.

Having strong leadership means your company will soon see improvements at every level – from the way customers are treated to the profit-churning ability of the marketing strategies you employ.

Soldiers view their leaders with respect because those are the men and women who prove that performance and attitude make an impact on whether a mission is carried out with a victory.

Employees in the business world will respect those who are committed to a better way of operating. The actions your leaders take – in the way they interact with employees and carry out business decisions – will be more powerful than the empty words many companies use to try to herd their employees into performing.

Wesley Ford is the Nation's LDRSHIP Expert! His primary mission is professionally developing leaders using The Soldier's Method™. His more than 17 years of experience allows him to speak to and train organizations globally on tactical and strategic issues. Join the Successful Forces by visiting http://www.wesleyford.com


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