Writen by Philip Lye

People management and leadership has become a major topic of conversation in today's market place and have assumed mythical qualities. Managing you people is not that difficult if you are willing to invest one thing in their development; YOU.

The emotional cost and some simple training and mentoring can see you be a successful leader and manager.

As a previous CEO of companies (before starting Biz Momentum) I proved this time and time again and often baffled and confounded those that wanted to make the whole leadership thing complicated!

What's it all about!!

1. Managing your people is largely COMMON SENSE

2. Leaders don't wait for others to show the way.

3. Leaders participate in the workplace and are seen doing the hard yards, leading by example we used to call it.

4. Leaders inspire other people through authenticity (Random Acts of Kindness, Mentors not Tormentors)

5. Leaders know their people - Mother Teresa took the time to know her 700 sisters? It's all about choice. As for your people, do you now their partners and children's names? do you know what is important to them?

A Metaphor - Motor Vehicle - How do you treat your car?

Most people put more positive effort into servicing their motor vehicles than taking the time to fine-tune their employees.

• Get to know your car
• Get used to driving it
• Servicing it
• Recognising the different noises – timing chain
• Know when its time to replace, upgrade or keep it

A. What has this to do with employees?

Sign the Contract
Ensure you employees have a valid Employment Contract

Fuel the Car - Empower your people
A comprehensive 'job description' and let them do the job

Take out Insurance
Induct your employees – let them know their responsibilities and rights

Insurance – might have 'an excess' – MULTI-SKILL

Show genuine interest, Develop Listening Skills

Regular Service
Conduct regular performance management appraisals that are highly interactive and positive? Take the time or do the crime. Neglecting to performance manage you employees takes the agenda largely out of your hands and into theirs in times of strife.

Regular Inspection
Being a peacemaker not a peacekeeper. A peacemaker makes peace! A peace keeper constantly keeps warring side apart - there is no peace just the appearance of peace.

Go for a Joy Ride Celebrate successes and Learn to have fun in your business.


(Phil's law of unintended consequences)
You don't intend to fail; however, the choices you make today will determine where you are placed tomorrow. Each choice builds on another and all of a sudden you have a foundation – good or bad – your decision my decision.

You cannot escape your responsibility to manage your people or they will manage your time and you.

People who feel and are genuinely valued are priceless and add great value to your business.

The ball is in your court!

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Philip Lye is Director of Biz Momentum. Philip has considerable international and cross cultural experience. He works with small to medium businesses to help them cut through the maze of people matters. Clients get specific actionable strategies to protect their business interests. For more information on Philip, visit http://www.biz-momentum.com and subscribe to his free monthly e-zine.


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