Tactical Competence To Boost Your Business

Writen by Wesley Ford

When a young man or woman joins the military, they are making a commitment to serve their country. When an employee is hired onto your staff, they should be making a commitment to serve the good of the company.

However – there's one glaring difference between the business world and the military. When you join the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marines, they make sure that they first strip you of bad habits and negative character traits that you possess before they train you to be a winner in the greatest military on Earth.

In the business world, you hire someone on as is – and you often cross your fingers and hope they possess the skills you need them to have. There's a level of boundaries you must adhere to – you can't yell at your new-hire to get a move on like a drill sergeant can.

But there are ways you can employ tactics to get your new-hires or existing employees to fall in line and act in the same manner a highly trained soldier would – with the skills and respect necessary to give 110% toward the success of the business.

Depending on what industry you're in, you may be dealing with heavy bouts of competition. Like a soldier in the trenches, you have to have a team of workers surrounding you to help fend off the attacks and secure a win in the world of business.

Let's go into the ways you can employ tactics to retrain your staff and create an army of highly skilled, competent individuals willing to show full commitment to your company and help you reach the ultimate level of success.

The military isn't like a civilian career. If a soldier doesn't like his duty, he doesn't have the option to up and leave and find another job. Still, they take their commitment very seriously, which is what you want in a devoted employee.

The branches of the military have the right to discriminate for age and gender in some instances, if you have bad credit, if you have more than two dependents under the age of 18 or if you're a single parent, and based on your educational experience.

With many of these situations, you'd be breaking the law if you denied employment to a civilian in your company on these factors. Therefore, it's vital that you know how to hire anyone and turn them into a champion "soldier" for your business success.

There are five steps you can use to instill the kind of characteristics that separate the employees of a company that gets by from a company that soars to greatness. They will work in any industry with any number of people.

  1. Character Development
  2. Increase Skillsets
  3. Training Principles
  4. Practice Competence
  5. Reward System

The key is to consistently work each of the five steps. Ensure your organization has the human resource processes in place to guarantee your organizations success. Join the Successful Forces!.

Wesley Ford is the Nation's LDRSHIP Expert! His primary mission is professionally developing leaders using The Soldier's Method™. His more than 17 years of experience allows him to speak to and train organizations globally on tactical and strategic issues. Join the Successful Forces by visiting http://www.wesleyford.com.


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